Printing stickers sheets with the tattoo artist @albareyk 

Screenprinting is a manual technique that can be used to transfer an opaque image to any surface trough a mesh, direct ink and pressure. In this workshop, you will learn the whole screenprinting process and be able to make a small edition of prints (paper or textile) with your design. 
*You need to bring or send your design on a digital file before the workshop. If your design is made with a manual technique, you should scan it in high quality and convert it to greyscale.

1. Pre-printing:  Select the screen in base on our design
and coat it with emulsion. 
2. Transfer the design to our screen: Magical stencil process.
3. Select and mix the color.
4. Print! :)

If you are an illustrator, artist, designer... and you want to be able to produce your own high quality prints at home and self-publish in a budget, this is can be the perfect technique for you. 
You can print on all the surfaces with this technique (yes, even wood,glass,etc!), but we will focus on the most populars: textile & paper. 

You can make T-shirts, Tote bags, postcards, business cards, prints, etc. You have to bring your own surface (paper or textile). I suggest to start with paper, because is cheaper and a good way to practice, if you don't have your own paper we have a small selection of basics to sell at the studio.

We provide inks and all the other necessary material. 

Design specifications: 1 color / layer design (max size A4)
Duration: 6 hours.
Max 4 people. 
Get ready your design and let's print!
Coffee & vegan snacks included :)


My name is Carla Cimino, I am a graphic designer and printmaker from Ibiza. I lived in the sunny Barcelona the past 7 years and I am graduated in design and visual creation at Eina University with honors in typography and editorial design. Here is where I fell in love with manual printing techniques like silkscreen or photolitography and I started to focus on printmaking projects.  
I created the sex-positive platform and screenprinting project  Badass Prints where I collaborated with different international artists and galleries like Mutuo space or Espronceda.  
I worked on screenprinting comissions for brands as Bumble, Porsche or Sony Music. 
I also did a lot of live printing events, taking my screens out for a show where people could see the process and be part of it. 

If you have any questions about workshops or commissions get in touch and I will help you out.  :)

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